Using technology to boost aquaculture’s productivity and sustainability

Norway potential customers the world’s aquaculture field the country’s cold coastal waters teem with diligently husbanded fish stocks, as Tor Hansen, Sea Web-site Supervisor, Martnesvika Norway at Cermaq clarifies:

“Cermaq make salmon for the international industry. We check out the water quality all the time, 24/7, measure oxygen, temperature and salinity in the water. We function outside the house in character, so we have to get treatment of character at the very same time that we develop food. It is really 1 of the most important matters we do.”

Cermaq will take its duty towards the welfare of fish and the wider surroundings very seriously, anywhere their farms are based. Harald Takle, Head of Method and Seawater Innovation at Cermaq explains how the company’s R&D department has informed their steps:

“We are accountable for the wellbeing of the fish in our care and we are also liable for the wellbeing of the mother nature where by we farm. Thus, Cermaq based all its farming conclusions on science and know-how. Cermaq has an R&D division that drives knowledge improvement in the course of the value chain from egg to harvest. This will help us safe a protected childhood for the juvenile fish that we have in our freshwater amenities and also for the healthy development of salmon in a crystal clear, cold ocean the place we have our sea farms.”

From the shore, significantly of this technological know-how is hidden. Underneath the floor, however, cameras and sensors are component of a acquiring technological innovation to observe and continue to keep a wellness file of each and every unique fish, allowing for Cermaq to intervene early without the need of eliminating the fish from the cage.

This is just one particular of the functional outcomes of study that aims to strengthen fish wellness, fish worth and minimize the footprint of production, previously mentioned and below the waterline. Takle gives an illustration:

“Cermaq has produced a roadmap describing how we will pilot, validate and implement new digital tools in our operations in Norway, Canada, and in Chile. We are working on implementation of device-assisted feeding units that satiate the fish with very minor feed decline.”

The food items sector contributes to almost a quarter of world wide greenhouse gasoline emissions. The seafood sector has a central role to enjoy. It can be a climate pleasant food stuff resource, it is really healthier, and for us to feed a billion a lot more men and women on the earth in the coming 10 years, this is turning into crucial. We can find the ideal remedies and with each other we can scale effects. That’s why partnerships and collaborations are so crucial in tackling climate alter.

Sine Raastad, Small business Progress Supervisor at Cermaq states that it has to be about making belief and knowledge far too:

“Cermaq is offering to about 50 nations around the world all over the globe and every single market has distinct requirements. Our work is to teach the shopper about where by and how the fish has been raised so they can be confident that our merchandise is harmless and responsibly produced. Traceability across the benefit chain is 1 of our leading priorities in the marketplaces.”

Lowering the environmental affect of farming is at the forefront of Cermaq’s agenda, and as Erik Giercksky, says, the remedy to the pollution challenge is just one that will have broad advantages:

“Everybody’s quite keen to see how this world wide industry can just take a leap toward using know-how on internet site to limit any damaging footprints on fish health and the environment. This sophisticated technological know-how can be created out there for the complete business.”

For Giercksky, currently being at the top rated of the business indicates working with science to travel to sustainability, delivering results and working with traders, prospects, and regulators for a greater long term:

“New systems and science can definitely travel this changeover into a far more sustainable aquaculture business. Organizations like Cermaq can share their insights. We have to have significantly far more of this if we are likely to satisfy the guarantee of furnishing healthy and balanced food stuff for most people.”