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To Turn An ATtiny817 Into A 150MHz Counter, First Throw Out The Spec Sheet

A person commonly reads a data sheet in just one of two means. The initial is to acquire each and every spec at confront price, figuring that the engineers have taken almost everything into account and offered each and every quantity as the absolute limit that will stop the Magic Smoke from escaping. The other way is to throw out the info sheet and just check out whatever you want, figuring that the engineers played it as securely as probable.

The latter situation looks to have been the drive driving pushing an ATtiny way, WAY past what the spec sheet states is achievable. In accordance to [SM6VFZ], the specs on the ATtiny817 exhibit that the 12-little bit timer/counter D (TCD) need to be constrained to a measly 32 MHz greatest frequency, over which one is supposed to employ the counter’s internal prescaler. But by making use of a 10-MHz precision frequency generator as an external clock, [SM6VFZ] located that inputs up to somewhat above 151 MHz had been countable with 1-Hz precision. Over that point, issues started out to drift, but that is even now pretty wonderful performance from a little something cobbled with each other on an eval board in a decidedly suboptimal way.

We’d think about this outcome could lead to some interesting projects, considering the fact that the undocumented restrict for this timer puts it well within variety of multiple newbie radio allocations. Even if it does not show handy, that is Okay — just viewing how significantly points can be pushed is cool way too. And it’s not like this is the very first time we have caught [SM6VFZ] persuading an ATtiny to do strange things, both.

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