Software developer brings Wordle to the Nokia N-Gage

Whilst Wordle commenced as a modest recreation made for a one particular person, it’s speedily developed to turn out to be 1 of the most well known games on the planet. Each working day players log in to attempt to guess the daily phrase in as couple of makes an attempt as probable, but until finally now, it’s only worked on Personal computer and smartphones.

Nonetheless, application developer @mupfdev right now declared that he’d managed to construct a thriving port of Wordle for the Nokia N-Gage, a cell that Nokia unveiled in 2003 in an endeavor to enter the hybrid handheld console sector. For those people couple men and women that still own or use an N-Gage, this opens up a portal to enjoy not only a modern activity on the unit but a single that’s at the peak of its recognition.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if this version of the video game will get day by day updates with new words and phrases. We have arrived at out to the creator to ensure, but our guess would be that this edition will not get new text as the official release does and is alternatively primarily based on all the words and phrases used in Wordle to day.

@mupfdev also bundled a link to a GitHub repository in which anybody can download the activity to get it managing on their N-Gage. In addition, the job was compiled employing SDL, which means other developers could use it as a foundation to create ports for unique platforms.