Rubber Band Behemoth Winds Its Way Toward World Record

Rubber Band Behemoth Winds Its Way Toward World Record

Egged on by adoring admirers who demanded additional aircraft video clips, [ProjectAir] has resolved to crack the globe report for rubber band run aircraft… even with owning hardly ever constructed a rubber band powered plane. Why rubber band electrical power?

In advance of very little two stroke motors grew to become inexpensive, and lengthy before electric motors and batteries have been remotely attainable, there weren’t a large amount of choices for powering your model plane. Just one technologies that seriously took off was that of rubber band power. By winding a rubber band, it could store enough electricity to flip a propeller for a small duration. With a 10 foot product having the present-day earth file, as you can see in the movie below the break [ProjectAir] made a decision to see if he could conquer it.

Rubber Band Run Free of charge Flight c1915 By Mysterious writer –

Starting with a effective free of charge flight aircraft created of foam board, [ProjectAir] basically scaled it up to an eleven foot wing- a person foot greater than the 10 foot entire world file holder. Due to the fact there have been now eight rubber band motors, a system was produced to launch the propellers in sync, but this was problematic. Eventually a a little large but stable solution was observed.

[ProjectAir] did additional tests, a lot more trouble fixing, and via speedy iterations, he inevitably was able to have a effective flight less than radio manage. His particular objective of a 12 second flight was exceeded, and then Guinness known as! They’re intrigued in certifying his try as extended as his plane can fly for at minimum 30 seconds- just about double his present-day skill. What will he do? Examine the online video, way too, for [ProjectAir]’s problem to the group to be part of him in seeking to conquer the environment file. Sounds like enjoyable!

Aside from powering planet history trying radio controlled aircraft, did you know that you can construct a rubber band powered refrigerator? It’s correct!

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