September 30, 2022


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Open spaces renamed with Wintu language in Redding

In an act of cultural appreciation, two open up spaces in Redding are becoming renamed using the indigenous Wintu language.

What has been recognised as the Henderson Open up House alongside the financial institution of the Sacramento River in the heart of the city will now be acknowledged as “Nur Pon Open up Space.”

About $5-million have been put in in the region in the past 10 yrs, like the construction of a salmon spawning channel.

A new commence gave the city the notion of providing it a new title, so the Redding Rancheria was contacted.

“This website, in specific, has a pretty prosperous background heading back to the Indigenous American persons. But also, as a drinking water wheel, as a cost-free bridge, as a gravel mining site for the I-5 construction. So, I requested them what they thought would be an suitable identify and, presented the fish channel that was not too long ago constructed, the thought of a salmon run name. So, we arrived up with Nur Pon, which is translated…Salmon Run,” said Kim Niemer, Redding Local community Services Director.

Tribal Chairman Jack Potter Jr. hopes this will build an awakening to the indigenous tradition.

“To have our language getting spoken, remaining acknowledged, there is certainly a healing in that. There is certainly a healing for the Wintu people, and a coming together of the cultures, exactly where other persons are being respectful. It might lead to a small ‘ah-ha’ moment in their head when they say ‘I wonder what that means’ and bring about them to study a lot more,” claims Potter.

The Riverland Travel open space along I-5 will also be renamed to “Koom Bye Sher-eel” which means “Shady Oaks Village.” It is on the web site of a previous Wintu settlement.