August 15, 2022


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North Korean application supply chain assault targets inventory traders

North Korean hacking group Thallium has focused users of a non-public stock financial investment messenger company in a computer software offer chain attack, according to a report published this 7 days.

Up right up until now, the group largely relied on phishing assaults, this kind of as by means of Microsoft Office environment paperwork, to focus on its victims.

Thallium is now leveraging several techniques, this kind of as shipping tainted Windows installers and macro-laden Business documents to prey on traders.

Attackers alter the installer of a inventory financial commitment application

This week, ESTsecurity Security Response Middle (ESRC) reported on North Korean hacking group altering a personal stock investment messaging software to ship destructive code.

The group identified as Thallium produced a Windows executable using Nullsoft Scriptable Put in Program (NSIS), a popular script-pushed installer authoring resource for Microsoft Home windows.

The executable contained destructive code in addition to the authentic information from a legitimate stock expense software system.

ESTsecurity researchers have shown at least two approaches in which the attackers leverage the “XSL Script Processing” technique.

Inside of the genuine installer of the stock financial investment system, attackers injected precise commands that fetched a malicious XSL script from a rogue FTP server, and executed it on Windows systems via the in-designed wmic.exe utility.

malicious XSL script pulled over FTP
Commands pull destructive XSL script over FTP
Supply: ESTsecurity

The resultant installer, repackaged with Nullsoft’s NSIS, would give off the impression as if the user was installing the real inventory investment application when silently spinning up the malicious scripts in the qualifications.

The subsequent phase of assault executes a VBScript to develop information and folders titled ‘OracleCache’, ‘PackageUninstall’, and ‘USODrive’ among other individuals in the %ProgramData% listing.

The payload then connects to the command-and-management (C2) server hosted on frog.smtper[.]co to receive additional commands.

vbscript stage 2
VBScript that retrieves commands from C2 server
Supply: ESTsecurity

By creating a rogue scheduled task called activate under a misleading directory ‘Office 365__WindowsOffice’, the malware achieves persistence by instructing Windows Scheduler to operate the dropped code every 15 minutes.

The risk actors perform reconnaissance of the contaminated program and soon after an original screening, deploy a Remote Accessibility Trojan (RAT) on the device to additional conduct their sinister things to do.

Excel macros also employed to provide the payload

ESTsecurity scientists also noticed Microsoft Office environment documents, these kinds of as Excel spreadsheets which contained macros have been distributing the aforementioned XSL script payload.

“ESRC is paying focus to the simple fact that the Thallium corporation is using the ‘XSL Script Processing’ technique not only in spear phishing attacks centered on destructive documents, but also for area of interest assaults including provide chain attacks,” stated ESTsecurity researchers in their translated report.

According to the researchers, the danger actors’ explanations for targeting end users investing in stock remain unclear.

Whether the target guiding this attack was monetary gain or espionage on traders, offer chain assaults have turn out to be a popular nuisance of these occasions.

The recent significant-scale SolarWinds attack impacted above 18,000 entities including reliable authorities and non-public companies.

Final thirty day period, attackers targeted the open-supply ecosystem RubyGems in a software provide chain attack to steal cryptocurrency from infected equipment.

Update 7-Jan-2021: Eradicated reference to APT37.