August 7, 2022


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Motormouth: What is vehicle descent help? | Funds

Q: As a follow up to the letter from PT Cruiser owner G.H. in Iowa, I would disagree to your response, but only marginally. We have had a few – rely ’em, three – PT Cruisers more than the decades and a person issue is for guaranteed: It can be not if a aspect like the camshaft situation sensor quits, but when. I would respectfully suggest that if he/she has the substitute element in hand, do the repair service. It is really a five-moment job. These insane Cruisers, you both loathe them or slightly dislike them.

A: You sound like possibly an qualified, or a glutton for punishment.

Q: Wherever are the sensors positioned for blind-location alert lights, and how do they operate? I have a 2018 Chevy Equinox, and I’ve experienced a number of blind-spot sensor anomalies just lately. I cleared snow off the windows and mirrors of my vehicle but drove with gentle snow on the system of the automobile, and the driver’s aspect blind-location alert was on, inspite of not driving around any other vehicles. Later, with no snow on my car, and when crossing a extended bridge by yourself late at night time, my driver’s side mild was illuminated. Thankfully, I discovered how to generate in the early 2000s in autos constructed in the 1990s, so I do not actually depend on blind-location notify lights. Just curious about this tech in my more recent auto.

A: The sensors are found at the rear of the car or truck. Most use radar but some use the ultrasonic parking sensors. I am not certain which program your vehicle makes use of. When some thing is detected, a sign is sent to a laptop or computer module, which in change sends a signal to the door mirrors to switch on the light.