How to remove history microphone sound in Windows, Mac, Linux

When utilizing a microphone in a movie convention or recording a online video, your keyboard’s clack or other background noise can be quite distracting to listeners. 

The excellent information is that software program exists that can automatically mute your microphone when typing or suppress history sound so that other folks are not annoyed by the seem of your keyboard.

Quickly muting a microphone whilst typing

For macOS Huge Sur customers, a new software known as Unclack will observe for keyboard functions, and if detected, quickly mute the microphone. Following a brief period of time of keyboard inactivity, the Unclack application will instantly unmute your microphone all over again.

Unclack demo

Unclack involves some configuration in macOS, so be positive to examine the FAQ.

For Linux customers, you can use the open up-resource ‘Automute for Linux‘ venture that comes with almost everything you require to automute your microphone when using a keyboard.

To use this instrument, you will need to compile a kernel module that results in a debugfs file that contains the rely of keyboard occasions created when employing the keyboard.

The venture is made up of a python script that will monitor this file for new situations, and if detected, immediately mute the microphone. If no keyboard activities have been detected soon after .25 seconds, the script will instantly unmute your microphone.

Astonishingly, BleepingComputer could not come across a software for Home windows that automutes your microphone when typing. If you are a Home windows consumer, your most effective recommendation is to use a history sound suppression app described in the upcoming portion.

Background sounds suppressions applications a better alternative

If you normally talk although typing, are employing Windows, or want to suppress all qualifications noise, history noise suppression apps are a greater answer.

Qualifications sound suppression apps use deep mastering and synthetic intelligence algorithms to filter out qualifications sounds from an audio stream. This enables you to not only filter out the seem of your keyboard but other noises these types of as automobiles, supporters, and town sounds.

Sound suppressions apps are readily available for all operating programs, with the extra well-known programs shown beneath.

RTX Voice

For Windows 10 end users with NVIDIA GTX and RTX graphics cards, you can use the ‘Noise Removal’ (beforehand called RTX Voice) feature in the NVIDIA Broadcast app to suppress history sound from a assortment of apps. Supported apps include Discord, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch Studio, ORBS Studio, and WebEx.

Nvidia Broadcast app

To use the ‘Noise Removal’ element (RTX Voice), you will need an NVIDIA GTX or RTX graphics card, NVIDIA driver 410.18 or newer, and be operating Windows 10.


Noisetorch is an open-supply Linux application that allows you to build a virtual microphone that suppresses qualifications sound. To filter out track record sounds in an software, only decide on the virtual microphone alternatively of your common microphone, and the software will filter out track record sound.



Krisp is a noise-canceling software for Windows and Mac that utilizes synthetic intelligence to filter out background noises like dog barks, infants crying, cars, and keyboard clicking.

When set up, a ‘Krisp’ digital microphone will be made that can then be selected by purposes where by you want to suppress background sounds.


Krisp is cost-free for 120 minutes per week but demands a paid subscription for more usage.