How to recover lost email from your updated Earthlink account

Q: My personalized e mail account is by means of Earthlink and I use Mozilla Thunderbird to access it on my dwelling computer system. Just lately Thunderbird manufactured me reconfigure my Earthlink e-mail account and I’m not absolutely sure why. I was able to reset my password and eventually reconnect to the account, but in undertaking so I also shed a good deal of my older email messages (other than the ones saved on webmail), which include lots of crucial receipts and these kinds of. In searching my laptop, I uncovered two e mail profiles for Thunderbird on my tough travel, one dated from 2020 and one particular dated from when I reconfigured Earthlink. Offered this, how can I recuperate people more mature e-mails?

— Larry R., Vero Seashore

A: In accordance to investigate, Earthlink released an update to its e-mail system in late February/early March 2022. As element of this update, the organization changed its parameters for e mail account passwords, imposing a 12 character limitation on them.

If your first Earthlink e-mail password was for a longer period than 12 people at the time the update was processed, then likelihood are your email account bought locked by Earthlink and you needed to reset the password to one particular with 12 characters or much less at the webmail amount in order to regain accessibility to the account.

Because you tried to access the account in Thunderbird in advance of shifting this password at the webmail level, Thunderbird most probable was not able to link to the account in the fashion it was accustomed to and developed a default reaction to the condition, which was to request you re-established your password.

Retain in thoughts that Thunderbird is an extension of your Earthlink email account and not a direct illustration of it, so it does not have the means to make improvements to your Earthlink account, only mirror improvements that have been made to the account alone.

Likewise, Thunderbird does not know what to do if your Earthlink account will get all of a sudden locked or your account abruptly has password character constraints imposed on it. All it understands is how to link to that account and channel the facts located on it to and from the server with which it is related to. If that link variations in any way, it produces a stock motion — the prompt you gained to re-established your login qualifications. Once more this was a default go by Thunderbird, nothing at all far more.

Complicating matters is the point that Thunderbird produced a new electronic mail profile for you the instantaneous individuals new login qualifications were entered — that’s for the reason that Thunderbird correlates and identifies profile knowledge to unique login info.

So though you were being able to reconnect Thunderbird to your Earthlink webmail account and down load information from there, realistically this was all connected to a new profile and not the unique one particular since of all those new login credentials. That’s why some of your messages are no more time readily available to you — they ended up not observed in the webmail account when the new profile was developed and synced to Thunderbird and so could not be section of the new profile as a result.

Of study course, this would not mean these more mature messages from that original profile are gone, only that accessibility to them has been muddled by the addition of that new profile as properly as people current password parameters.

To recuperate those people more mature email messages and re-set your unique profile as your primary a single in Thunderbird, first log into your Earthlink webmail portal making use of the current login and password you established. If you are not granted accessibility, then check out to log in with your aged credentials and then update the qualifications to your new kinds when prompted.

If your new credentials are acknowledged, or after the login qualifications have been changed, return to Thunderbird and hook up to your Earthlink account, making certain to enter these new login credentials when prompted. This will keep that info in Thunderbird for long term use.

Just after that, load your more mature profile into Thunderbird so that the program is aware to make that your principal profile. Recommendations for finding and restoring outdated profiles in Thunderbird can be found at this URL:

Subsequent that, click “Get Mail” so that more recent content downloads into Thunderbird and becomes component of your original profile.

That must solve the challenge, nonetheless if issues persist, make contact with Earthlink support straight at 888-327-8454 and search for their support. In addition to assisting with re-mapping your e-mail profile in Thunderbird, they ought to also be capable to enable restore any remaining missing e-mail as this details ought to be available on their server.

Eyal Goldshmid

Eyal Goldshmid

Whilst you might be at it, also request why they selected to roll out these an update without having notifying you that it was having place beforehand, as that most probably would’ve solved the dilemma from the get-go.

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