July 7, 2022


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How a humbled Dickey Nutt learned his lessons that led to Mizzou

Dickey Nutt is a believer.

The longtime basketball mentor, follower of Dennis Gates and now-Missouri assistant head coach gleefully met with the media on Might 10.

He was there to talk about why he chose Columbia. He was there to speak about why he determined to get again into a substantial-stakes place as an old-faculty mentor in a sport that’s rising a lot quicker and youthful.

The very simple answer was Dennis Gates. The extended response was that Nutt’s knowledgeable brain can offer a beneficial standpoint to Gates’ new-age employees.

Whereas Kyle Smithpeters delivers lively resourcefulness, Charlton Youthful provides a dynamic recruiting existence and Gates provides a newfound pleasure, Nutt brings a leveled head paced with loyalty.

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