From Fearless to Fearful, From Powerless to Powerfull, Specialists Concur, Atense Computer system Vaccine is a Game Changer

Laptop or computer safety as currently accessible is a race concerning a fearless mouse (hacker) and powerless cat (cybersecurity).

Plano, TX, Usa – February 3, 2021 – A computer can be in contrast to a gated neighborhood. A gated neighborhood has a safety gate as an entry position and it controls the flow of visitors and residents into and out of the local community. In a laptop or computer an entry place is termed a port and a software identified as firewall controls what can and cannot get into and out of the personal computer via the port.

The gated group has a safety patrol and if a suspect is uncovered in the group, the suspect will get arrested for trespassing. Prior to a program operates in the pc a system known as antivirus checks a listing of prior recognized malware. If the software is in the malware list, the antivirus disables the application.

The moment a legit resident delivers in a legal acquittance into the gated local community, the protection of the group is compromised. When a person downloads a file with a malware into the personal computer, the malware will be at the rear of the firewall and the security of the computer system is compromised.

Back again to the breach in the gated local community —

As soon as the criminal is inside of the gated neighborhood, the criminal is no cost to roam and prepared to harm the local community. In expression to cease the criminal, the patrolling safety has to come in make contact with with and establish the felony prior to a criminal offense is committed – but this does not generally happen.

Likewise, in the laptop, at the time the person downloads a malware, it is inside the personal computer. And the only way to have the malware is for the antivirus to identify the malware before it harms the computer system. Since the antivirus only identifies known malware, and more than a million malware is launched every day, the antivirus doesn’t know the malware – the malware operates and the personal computer is harmed.

The reason the stability of the gated community and the protection of the laptop will get compromised is for the reason that the two protections are reactive and only in a position to determine a known threat.

In reality, at the 2017 Black Hat Hacker’s Survey, 73% of the hackers claimed common perimeter security firewalls and antivirus are irrelevant or out of date. 68% stated multi-aspect authentication and encryption are the biggest hacker obstructions.

The concern is: is there hope to obtain a way to halt malware from operating in the computer system?

Yes, the activity is about to adjust. The fearless mouse (hacker) will develop into fearful and the powerless cat (cybersecurity) will come to be strong.

Compared with pc antivirus and firewall which are reactive methods, Atense Personal computer Vaccine utilizes a patented encryption, authentication, and verification process which only permits licensed program to run in the computer system, disabling malware devoid of knowing just about anything about any of them.

Computer system Vaccine’s works by using encryption offering a option that 68% of hackers dread. The base line – firewall and antivirus really don’t deliver complete security the moment a hacker figures out a way to get malware on to a computer.

Pc Vaccine does!

“Our Laptop Vaccine distinguishes concerning approved software program and malware. Allowing for the licensed software program to operate and disabling all malware at arrival.” – John Almeida, CEO of Atense, Inc.

Make sure you be a part of us and alongside one another will modify the video game. We’ll make the cyberworld safe and the entire world a greater position for everyone!

Beneath is what some industry experts are saying about our sport-changer know-how —

“Potentially match-changing technologies that provides a substantially improved value proposition to buyers. Organization purchasers fully grasp the benefit of the offering and the value place presents fantastic margins for rewarding progress.” – Fares.

“So, this just one is exciting to me, if this actually does what it is supposed to, it changes the activity on how we deal with intrusive applications – which is even far more crucial at organization and governing administration ranges.” – Todd.

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