Boost your internet connection even for large homes and offices

8 Tips to Extend WiFi Range Outside Your Home, Between Two Buildings

Internet connections and Wi-Fi connections can provide connectivity through multiple devices from anywhere in your home or office. While you might have a great internet package, and a fast, reliable internet line, the signal might not always be able to reach every corner or room of a house. By looking into the required gateway for connectivity, you are able to identify weak spots and find the best solutions.

While many homes and offices subscribe to cable and internet companies for their internet connections, there are also more ways in which these can assist in ensuring you get full coverage anywhere in the building.

One way to achieve this is by using a Wi-Fi booster or Repeater. These are devices designed specifically to improve the wifi coverage in large areas such as big homes and large office buildings with multiple storeys. It works by pulling an already existing wifi signal to a transmitter and then amplifying it to the rest of the area that it is needed.

A Wi-Fi booster is available in the form of a powerline ethernet kit, which sends a signal over the electrical circuit of your home or office. It has 2 adapters, one of which plugs into a power socket near your modem or router, and the other into a location where the Wi-Fi signal is weaker.

Another option is a Wi-Fi repeater. This works with 2 wireless routers. One will pick up the existing wifi network and transmit the signal to the second router, boosting the overall signal around the office or home. While these may be costly, they could cost you far less than changing your current ISP to another one which might have the same issues.

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi boosters and repeaters:
●       It is a budget friendly way of boosting your current internet connection
●       It eliminates dead zones and could aid in speeding up your wi-fi
●       It is easy and convenient to set up
●       There is great after-sales support and customer service available
●       It can be used with your current router, so there is not need to buy another expensive one

There are, of course, disadvantages of Wi-Fi boosters and repeaters, which are:
●       Loss of speed
●       Poor overall signal in the home
●       Compatibility issues with your current modem or router
●       Everything is repeated twice, so only half the bandwidth is available
●       Wifi boosters and extenders often interfere with other electronic items in your home
●       The booster might not be compatible with any new ISPs should you decide to change providers

When looking at the cost of Wi-Fi boosters and repeaters, it may be easier to look at upgrading your current ISP or internet connection package. This could be a cheaper option than having to pay extra costs for boosters and repeaters. It might be worth looking at a new ISP and switching providers to a more suited internet connection provider that has wider coverage in your area as well as your home.