September 30, 2022


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Biden administration ‘radicals’ don’t want any part of unity

This is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” January 21, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to “Hannity.” 

Tonight, the Biden administration is off to a very rocky start. Joe, struggling to answer simple questions from the media, a friendly, fawning media, and his disastrous anti-energy policies they are destroying now what will be hundreds of thousands of American jobs, high paying career jobs. His new tax cut plans are about to put a huge dent in the economy and into your wallet.

And a new scandal surrounding the corrupt Biden family business is about to break wide open. Here is a preview, part one of my interview with the owner of a computer repair shop — the one you heard about — the one that turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI. 

Take a look. 


HANNITY: I guess my question is what you saw in terms of documents, did that seem relevant to you to the debate that was — 


HANNITY: Explain. 

ISAAC: Well, I had seen what would have — again, I’m not an investigative journalist. That’s not my day job when I was fixing Macs. But I saw some pretty compelling documents that definitely show a scheme going on between Hunter Biden and his business dealings in the Ukraine. 


HANNITY: There’s a lot more in terms of documents and videos. We ask about all of it. Stay tuned. Part one of that interview moments away.

But, first, more troubling news from the Biden administration. According to a “Politico” report, thousands of national guardsmen have been kicked off capitol grounds. They are now sleeping in garages, parking garages with no heat. It’s wintertime. 

All right, Joe. You’re the commander in chief. Is that acceptable to you? 

Meanwhile, Biden’s radical base, they are back at it, 24 hours ago. We watched far left riots erupt in Denver, Seattle, Portland and where a federal building was actually vandalized and set ablaze. Take a look. 


HANNITY: So, Joe, when will you? Kamala, when will you? Chucky, when will you? Nancy, when will you? When are you going to condemn these violent insurrectionists? 

Now, we’ve really hate to see he’d get impeached over this. After all, that’s the new standard, right? And speaking of which, the Democrats divisive parade, it could now implode. Sources telling this program tonight that Republicans might actually find a backbone and fight against the sham Senate proceeding, that’s good news. 

And, by the way, Democrats apparently are getting more skittish by the day. There are two solid arguments that seem to have gained full consensus on this bogus to post-presidential impeachment trial. 

First, obviously, no basis of conviction. The president did not incite an insurrection when he said to people here that now peacefully many of you patriotically make your voices be heard. In fact, this pales in comparison to the violent, rage-filled language used regularly by top Democrats in Washington that we’ve been playing for you now, and t This has been going on for years. 

Now, the second argument, the most powerful one against impeachment, pretty simple. Professor Alan Dershowitz, constitutional attorney, the great one Mark Levin, many, many others pointing out it is unconstitutional to try a president who is no longer in office. Now that Donald Trump is a private citizen, the Senate lacks jurisdiction. And, by the way, it’s never happened in our history. 

As clearly stated in the Constitution, the president shall be removed from office on impeachment and conviction. Trump is no longer the president. He is no longer in office. It’s no longer applies to him and, well, that is no longer in congress’ hands. They don’t have the jurisdiction. 

The Constitution states: Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal and disqualification. Not or disqualification from future offices. 

We have a system of checks and balances. That system does not apply to private citizens and that’s why no former official has ever been convicted in the Senate ever, in history. That’s why the impeachment process against Richard Nixon ended when he resigned. 

So, here is how this is probably going to go down. My guess.

The articles will be submitted at some point to the senate. Then there will be an opportunity for the president’s attorneys to respond at some point, and they’re getting ready. There will be a motion to dismiss. 

Now, I would hope that Republicans would dismiss with an early motion. And, hopefully, a couple of intelligence, rationale Democrats, if there are any. If there are not enough votes, yes, the Senate trial will be conducted, the former president will be acquitted and he will be eligible to run again if he chooses. 

At this point, a Senate trial serves absolutely no purpose but to inflame the tensions of this country, it’s the swamp theater and it’s at its worst. The question this country should be asking tonight, well, Mr. Unity, Mr. Frail, weak, cognitively struggling Joe, I know probably this program is on past your bedtime, maybe you will consider standing up to the radicalism in your own party and put an end to the charade right now. 

In other words, draw meaning behind the lectures if unity that you were throwing out yesterday. I doubt that will happen. 

Joe and his fellow Democrats don’t seem to care about unity. All they want is revenge, four years, never ending, attack, attack and they didn’t care or give a flip about what this did to the contrary. 

They now want to send a message to 75 million Trump voters who they despise. They think they are all racist and sexist and Nazis and domestic terrorists and insurrectionists. No, conservatives are not. 

But don’t worry, America, the barely functioning career politician in the Oval Office, likely in the residence at this hour, knows what’s best for you. 

And, by the way, today was Joe Biden’s first full day on the job and he’s already begging for a break. Apparently, only one serious question from a reporter was a little too much for him to handle. 

Yep. The new president gave us his first official — come on, man. Come on, man. Are you a junkie? And for that, take a look. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you, guys. 

REPORTER: Mr. President, you said you set the goal at 100 million vaccines in your first hundred days. Is that high enough? Should you set the bar higher? That’s basically where the U.S. is right now.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible. Come on, give me a break, man. Good start, 100 million. Thank you.


HANNITY: Common phrase, give me a break, man. Come on, man. Are you a junkie? 

That was the only question Biden took and, of course, he had no answer. After months of blaming President Trump for each and every COVID death, the Biden administration’s bold new coronavirus plan is basically continue the course laid out by Donald Trump. By the way, former Secretary of Health and Human Services Azar said, yeah, we already had the whole plan for 100 million doses. That’s already happened. 

Anyway, after all, multiple vaccines have already been developed in record time. That was Operation Warp Speed, Donald Trump. A massive distribution plan is already in place. 

Governors need to get up to speed, especially Democratic governors. Nearly a half million people each day are getting the vaccine. One of the only new Biden policies is this restrictive mask mandate on federal properties. I wonder if it will apply to illegal immigrants. Doubtful. 

Shortly after integrating this mandate, Biden took a trip to the Lincoln Memorial where he posed for pictures. He didn’t have a mask on. His own mandate.

Earlier today, our own Peter Doocy asked Biden press secretary Jen Psaki about the double standard. Needless to say, she wasn’t prepared to answer one moderately mildly tough question from a serious member of the press. 

By the way, Jen, you might want to learn his name. We’ll help you. We’ll remind you every day. 

His name is Peter Doocy. He will probably be one of the few people in the room that you will hate answering questions for every day. He will do his job. Others will not. 

Take a look. 


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Why weren’t President Biden and all members of the Biden family masked at all times on federal lands last night if he signed an executive order that mandates masks on federal lands at all times? 


DOOCY: At the Lincoln Memorial. Yes. 

PSAKI: I think, Steve, he was celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country.

DOOCY: Was that a good example for people who are watching may not pay attention normally?

PSAKI: Well, Steve, I think the power of his example is also the message he sends by signing 25 executive orders including almost half of them related to COVID. 


HANNITY: Jen, his name is Peter. His father’s name is Steve. His name is Peter. I think you can remember that. 

Anyway, she wasn’t the only person struggling to answer basic questions at a Senate hearing. Biden’s nominee for secretary of transportation — remember, Pete Buttigieg, the mayor, small town, South Bend. He didn’t seem to know what would happen to the workers who were already losing their jobs because of Biden’s new restrictions on oil and gas, you know, the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline project. 

How would you feel tonight by the way if you worked on that project, your family members worked on that project? Take a look at this. 


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: So for those workers, the answer is somebody else will get a job? 

PETE BUTTIGIEG, SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION NOMINEE: The answer is that we are very eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good-paying union jobs even if they might be different ones. 


HANNITY: We don’t care. To add insult to injury, Mayor Pete is floating a brand-new federal gas tax hike, in the midst of what? An economic crisis by COVID-19, the Buttigieg-Biden message as follows: drop-dead for all you care about. 

You’re counting on low energy prices to pay your bills? Pretty much drop- dead. If you’re worried about the cost to fill your car, you can pretty much drop-dead, too. If you’re worried about, well, your ability to heat up your home, we don’t care. Our new green socialist agenda literally is more important than your ability to keep your job, to pay less for gas and less for heating and put food on your table. That’s pretty much what he said. Environmental extremism is on top of everything. 

Now they need to be accepted in the warm embrace, of course, of the global community’s obsession with climate change and this radical green new social deal, redistribution of the wealth. 

And make no mistake, we’re not going to tolerate it any kind of dissent. That’s why Senator Ted Cruz is fast becoming enemy number one. Why? He dared to say, like Democrats gone by, question whether or not we could use an audit to bring that confidence in our election process. 

Take a look. 


JOY BEHAR, TV HOST: Cruz and Hawley are enemies of this country, that they are encouraging insurrection, violence. People died at the Capitol. Yes, Ted Cruz is an enemy right now of this country. I don’t take it back.

RICK WILSON, STRATEGIST: That is just one of the members of the sedition caucus from the week of the sixth. What they are asking in this new Jim Crow caucus they have developed is to eliminate those votes, to take those votes out of the pool, to give those states to Donald Trump by disqualifying tens of millions of African-American votes. 


HANNITY: Enemy, sedition caucus. By the way, that was a never Trumper. Joyless, we know all about her radicalism. 

Now, to the credit of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, she is actually defending freedom and defending Senator Cruz and Senator Josh Hawley and their electoral challenge. She told “The San Francisco Chronicle”, quote: I think the Senate is a place of freedom where people come here to speak their piece and they provide a kind of leadership. It’s an important place to have this kind of dialogue. 

Well, good for Senator Feinstein given that Senator Feinstein is pretty much the only Democrat liberal open to debate and freedom of speech. What does that say about the rest of the Democrat socialist party? 

Will anyone else in the party want to join in? Maybe it’s time for Democrats to do a little self-reflection. The party of freedom of liberty and freedom of speech now becoming the party of conservatives and the Republican Party, not the Democrats, not their allies in the mob and the media. Not their allies in big tech. 

And sadly, they got their wish. They now control the White House and the Senate and the House, all of the government. I fear this radical left-wing agenda, it’s only going to get worse. We will monitor it every day and night right here. 

Joining us now, Fox News contributor, former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. 

Mr. Speaker, well, let’s first get your reaction to, well, Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a patriot. Ted Cruz dared to ask for a ten-day audit. 

In other words, they weren’t going to win that battle but he explained why he thought it was important for the 83 percent Gallup-polled Republicans that think that the integrity of the election was in question. That’s not my poll. That’s the poll of Gallup.

And or you’re an enemy or, of course, seditious caucus. Your thoughts?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, look, I think you are seeing the hysteria of the Biden system, because it’s not really about Biden himself. It’s his entire team around him who are radicals who believe that they could exterminate the Republicans. That would be one way to get the unity. 

As a “New York Times” columnist wrote this morning, you know, if Biden really wanted unity, he would start by lynching Vice President Pence. That gives you a sense of the ferocity and the anger and the hatred that underlies the modern left. 

And I think Cruz showed enormous courage, but he always has. I mean, he’s been — whether you like him or dislike him, he is a very smart, very courageous guy who stood for what he believed in. And I was delighted the other day to see Mitt Romney actually come to the defense of both Cruz and Hawley and say, look, they are perfectly allowed to have their own views and there should be no act of retribution against them in the Senate much like Feinstein. 

And I think as people think about it, there is going to be a real reaction to the idea that you should start having a lynch mob going around on the Senate floor picking out the people who wants to destroy it. 

HANNITY: You know, I’m watching all of this unfold and I’m watching, you know, the country and I’m concerned. You see what big tech did before the election. You see what the media does, the 99 percent of them every day. 

You see that, you know, this whole demonization and cancel culture is getting wildly out of control followed up by a snap impeachment in five minutes when federal investigators who are more convinced than ever that what they witnessed was planned and plotted and schemed and they missed the signs of — and warnings of signs that they shouldn’t have missed. 

GINGRICH: Well, look, I mean, you should be worried about the country. You know, when President Biden in his inaugural starts talking about extremism and manages to not mention Antifa, I actually thought this morning that Seattle and Portland and Denver may have been Antifa’s response to having their feelings hurt, because they think they have earned the right to be considered terrorists extremist group, and the fact that the left refuses. 

And you’ll notice, now that Trump is gone, we didn’t suddenly get peace. You had Antifa out there saying that they despise Joe Biden. They hate Joe Biden. They don’t regard him as legitimate. 

So, I think that people should be worried about America. We are under greater stress right now than any time since the pre-civil war period and the stress is very real. And you saw it. 

You know, I just did a newsletter at “Gingrich 360” drawing the distinction between the Biden inaugural and the Biden inauguration day, because during the inauguration day, he methodically went out and began hunting down and destroying the Trump legacy. But during the inaugural, he was this nice president unity, bring us all together, which literally within two hours he destroyed by his own activities. 

HANNITY: You know — 

GINGRICH: And I think that anybody who cares about America should be worried. This is not an irrational thing. 

HANNITY: Yeah. Let me go — remember, you know Bill Clinton well. You were his speaker during that time and became a known phrase, a Sister Soulja moment. Biden now, the entire Democratic Party has gone so far radical socialist left, I don’t think Biden is capable of standing up to his radical base, do you? 

GINGRICH: Yeah, I mean, I think you have to think in terms of the Biden machine, not Biden personally. Biden didn’t personally sit down and draft 17 executive orders, but radicals on his staff did and in some ways, I thought the most telling was their decision. 

Think about this. On the very day he was sworn in as president, he signed an executive order to destroy the 1776 Commission. And all of our viewers tonight ought to ask themselves, what is it about this 1776 Commission that made it such a big deal that Biden went out of his way to destroy it on his first day of office? 

The answer is it is a pro-American, pro-history, pro-factual commission which threatens the very essence of the modern left and all of their 1619 Project and all of their lies about the makeup of America. 

So what you have is a president smiled, pleasant. I thought it was a great speech. I thought it had all the right tone. But I also know that if Eisenhower had given that speech, he would have meant it. 

When Biden gives that speech, it’s just a pleasant cover below which there’s methodically trying to destroy conservatism. 

HANNITY: One last question. It seems my source is telling me tonight that the appetite on both the Democratic side and Republican side on this trial in the Senate, number one, Democratic senators feel it goes — it is going to end up blowing up in their faces. 

They are afraid of it. That would mean they are going to go along with a snap impeachment and a rush to judgment in the House and the belief among Republicans that we can’t validate that process. And by the way, what they are trying to do is unconstitutional and we won’t be a part of that either. 


GINGRICH: Let me just offer a piece of practical advice from somebody who has spent a lot of time on elections — 74 million people voted for Donald J. Trump. More than for George W. Bush, more than for Ronald Reagan, 74 million people. 

Now, if you want to destroy the Republican Party — 

HANNITY: By a long shot, a record. 

GINGRICH: Right. And if you want to destroy the Republican Party, throw away our chances of ’23 and ‘24, just go along with this totally phony, totally dishonest effort. 

What I urge every Republican of every background, for the sake of your party, do not allow this to come up and put maximum pressure on the Democratic senators in swing states to not allow this to come up. It’s a charade and it’s very dangerous historically. 

HANNITY: Not only for the sake of your party, for the sake of the country, for the sake of our Constitution. 

Mr. Speaker, by the way, I know this isn’t as fun as being in Italy, but we’re glad to have you back. And thank you for — and you and your wife — 

GINGRICH: We are glad to be back home. 

HANNITY: I never got over there. I wanted to go visit. Thank you.

All right. Coming up, Senator Lindsey Graham will join us more on the Democrats’ divisive, pointless, unconstitutional, post-presidency impeachment Schiff show. 

And my exclusive interview, part one tonight, John Paul Mac Isaac, just moments away and what we are now learning tonight about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop will create shockwaves across D.C. Part one tonight, straight ahead. 


HANNITY: Now, Democrats, along with weak establishment Republicans, are apparently still barreling ahead with their unconstitutional post- presidency impeachment sham trial as Nancy Pelosi is saying she will send the one article over to the Senate in a few days ahead of what will reportedly be a trial sometime in February. 

Now, my sources tell me tonight, there is real trepidation that now has emerged on both sides of the aisle. Democrats, as I was saying earlier, they know that while that would appease their radical left-wing base and the Squad that really runs the Democratic Party, the vast majority of Americans will see this as nothing but a cheap divisive political ploy. It will backfire. 

Most Republicans, they want no part of this latest Schiff show either. They see this impeachment for what it is and by the way, they don’t want to validate the impetuous actions of the House. They also see what is an unconstitutional, post-presidency action. They don’t have jurisdiction. 

Federal investigators are more convinced, by the way, that this was not a spontaneous act inspired by the president’s words. Again, many of you will peacefully and patriotically march to the capital so your voices may be heard. In fact, investigators believe more and more that a lot of planning and a lot of organization and a lot of intelligence was — and signs was missed. 

As I’ve been saying, we need the equivalent of a 9/11-style commission report. This could never again happen in our country. He needs to be done sooner rather than later. 

Now, all the while, fake unity-preaching Biden, he continues to remain silent. Yesterday, he said he’s going to go out and unite the country, be president for all. He is breaking a big promise they are and that’s the one he made yesterday, may be the only come if you ever want to call it memorable moment — memorable only that he kept repeating it. 

Clearly, the radical socialist squad controls the entire Democratic Party and what’s the matter, Joe? Too afraid to stand up to the extremists in your own party? It appears so. 

The GOP needs to not validate the House’s snap impeachment. Tonight, I can report they are leaning very heavily against, and they do not want to participate in what they see it universally as unconstitutional action. 

Now at that point, this summary judgment should be brought up immediately. It should be an immediate dismissal. Should — and by the way, that should be the Republican Party’s answer. It’s that simple. But I guess you really can’t count on Mitt Romney, Murkowski, Ben Sasse. 

Now, the last thing the Republican Party needs would be a fractured party as the speaker just mentioned. Republicans need to know that the choice between the weak establishment swamp Republican and Republicanism versus the America first, make America great agenda, I have news for Washington right now — most Republicans and all conservatives, they will choose America first. So will I. 

Here with reaction, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. 

Senator, are my sources wrong? The appetite on both sides have diminished greatly in the last 48 hours? 

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Boy, your sources are dead right. I’m in the body, so it’s a pretty good summary you’ve given us here. 

The second impeachment of Donald Trump is not wearing well over time. Democrats are in the box. They started this thing in the House. They impeached the president of the United States in Nancy Pelosi’s House, in less than 15 hours from bringing it up to conclusion, without a lawyer. Not one witness was called. 

I had a great meeting with Senator McConnell today. I think every Republican sees the House process as an affront to the presidency and due process. 

So, what’s going to happen? If she delivers the articles to us, they’ll have to be disposed of under the process of the Senate. If we can get 51 senators to dismiss, it’s all over. 

There’s more than a handful of Democrats praying that Joe Biden will get on the phone and call Schumer and say, it’s over, because they understand this is going to blow up in their face politically. I’ve never felt better about the Republican Senate conference being united behind the idea that what the House did was wrong in terms of process. And I think we’re going to have an overwhelming Republican vote that this second impeachment of Donald Trump is unconstitutional. 

I like the plan that Senator McConnell has come up with. We’ll see where it goes. 

HANNITY: Let’s talk about it because of Senate Republicans, if they validate a snap impeachment, the precedent now is set and there will be a time — 


HANNITY: — when there’s going to be a one-week impeachment without any investigation into any facts and no defense whatsoever for Democratic president. That’s how this is all going to end. We’ll be dealing with impeachment after impeachment after impeachment. 


HANNITY: Then you have the whole issue — 


HANNITY: — every constitutional lawyer that I respect, there are some on the other side, it’s never happened in history but they all say the same thing. No, you can’t do it post-presidency. 


GRAHAM: Well, number one, Richard Nixon resigned from office. He had been a prime candidate to try this out, but they didn’t go down that road then. 

Senator McConnell basically told the Republican conference exactly what you just said. He was offended by the process in the House. It was basically an angry reaction. It was taking the process and throwing it over and getting a result, damn the process. That’s not going to happen in the United States Senate. 

I think more and more Republicans, I’ll be surprised if we don’t have near a unanimous belief that impeaching a president after they leave office is unconstitutional on the Republican side. And I think we’ll pick up at least one Democrat, may be more. 

So, tonight, I want to tell your viewers that people listen to your program, that Senator McConnell has come up with a plan that I think is good for the country, good for the Senate, fair to the president. The president has a very good legal team, a great legal team. 

And we’re going to fight like hell to make sure that the second impeachment of Donald Trump ends as quickly as possible, either dismissed or with an overwhelming vote for acquittal and — 

HANNITY: We’re literally looking at this, you know, week and a half, two weeks away because I assume sometime, you have to hand it over to the president’s lawyers. 


HANNITY: So, that’s got to happen in the interim, correct?

GRAHAM: Right.


GRAHAM: Yes, exactly. You’ve got to give the president — he had no input. He didn’t even have a lawyer in the House. They impeached the president of the United States in the House of Representatives without a lawyer. 


GRAHAM: Now, how does that go down in a democracy? 

HANNITY: I would like maybe we can get — we need to make sure this never happens again. Now, investigators believe more and more — 


HANNITY: — that there were real people that really planned and we missed it. We didn’t prepare for this. That can’t happen. 


HANNITY: Listen, I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. We can’t have our institutions and elected officials attack. Not in this country. 

All right, Lindsey Graham, thank you, Senator. Appreciate it. 

Coming up, you are not going to want to miss this interview I have. An exclusive interview with computer repair shop owner, the one that turned out zero experience Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI. Wait until you hear some of these details.

Part one first, then Dan Bongino reacts, straight ahead. 


HANNITY: All right, my interview with the computer repair shop repairman is coming up, but big tech’s crackdown on conservatives are showing no signs of slowing. For example, Twitter alternate — alternative, which by the way is up and running and doing very, very well is in an uphill battle to get back up and running, especially after a federal judge actually refused to reinstate the site after Amazon kicked it off their web hosting service. 

Meanwhile, the mob, the media continues to target news outlets they don’t – – that doesn’t align with the far left socialism, their conspiracy theories, their hate Trump lies, even suggesting we can censor them. We can shut them down. What a dangerous time in this country. 

Take a look. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If they continue to engage in lies, something that he is trying to combat, what is your communication strategy? Will you deny those networks any interviews? I mean, what happens if they revert to form immediately? 

KATE BEDINGFIELD, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Well, what I can say about our communication strategy is we are committed to reaching every American. If media companies are willfully lying or are not carrying forth straightforward honest information from the president when we make him available, or from administration officials when we make them available, then of course that something that we are going to think about and we are going to factor in. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There’s a broader societal issue that’s going to take many years to detox the disinformation, the lies, the hate that has been spread. The whole segment of the American population has been radicalized. 


HANNITY: Deprogramming, reeducation camps. This is chilling for the entire country. 

By the way, a little ironic said on fake news CNN that lied, and lied, and lied about Russia, Russia, Russia and pretty much everything else day in and day out. Or same with any other major network claiming to be concerned about this information. What, they decided the ones that spewed the Russia collusion hoax, the one that went along with the fake phony Hillary bought and paid for Russian disinformation Steele dossier?

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor Dan Bongino.

You know, you have a small tiny piece of Parler. I talked to some of the guys you work with. They are great guys. And now, I see they are attacking you every way imaginable. 

The FBI now investigating you? It’s on Drudge tonight.

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, I mean, Sean, I mean, is this even America anymore? I talk to you sometimes kind of off-line and stuff, but I haven’t had a sound good night’s sleep in probably three weeks now. 

HANNITY: I know.

BONGINO: Listen, I know liberals probably because they love to inflict pain and they are totalitarian. Of course, they love to destroy people. They probably enjoy that. They probably are laughing I can imagine right now. 

But I wake up every morning and I don’t even look for good news. I just look for less bad news. We had a representative today, Carolyn Maloney, who is the chair of a very powerful committee, a congressional representative suggests to the FBI director that he investigate Parler. 

Did you hear the reasons why? Tell me we still live in America after this one, please, or a free America. This is a leftist America that they want to turn into a Marxist super state. 

But they want us investigated because one of our executive’s wives happened to be born outside of the country. Now I know you are waiting for a punch line. No, that’s it. 

HANNITY: By the way, I’m not waiting for a punch line. I want to find a cry room and say this can’t happen in our country. 

BONGINO: That actually happened. And by the way, her family, the executive’s wife’s family happens to be Muslim and lives in a region outside of Russia and is dirt poor. Actually one of my partners sent me a picture of the outhouse outside their house. 

So, the Democrats’ slime ball totalitarian losers and this loser Maloney decide she wants the FBI to investigate our company because the executive married a woman whose family is really, really poor and happens to reside in Russia. She presents no evidence whatsoever. 

Isn’t that xenophobic and Islamophobic? I thought the left all have said, and their second reason is even more hilarious, because after they got us, the left, de-platform from just about every company in the United States, we had to go to a multinational company to protect our website from being hacked. So, they want the FBI to investigate us.

And you know what? After the FBI’s ridiculous performance in the spygate hoax, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christopher Wray himself is knocking on my door next week. I’m not even joking. If him or his agents are there next week, I wouldn’t — I’ll report on FOX. I would not be surprised at all. 

I can see them knocking on the door. Hey, we heard one of your executives married a woman born outside of the United States. Okay, do you have anything else? No, no, that’s all we need. You guys are conservatives. We’re allowed to investigate you guys. 

It’s pathetic. This country is dead as a doornail and liberals killed it. It’s pathetic. 

If you think you live in a free country — 


BONGINO: — you are probably a liberal or someone in the media. 

HANNITY: Silence, shutdown, cancel, and harass. We’ll continue, Dan, to follow it. I’m sorry. This can’t happen in our country. 

Next, my exclusive interview with computer repair shop owner, you know, the one that had Hunter Biden’s laptop, the one that big tech protected you from reading before the election. Part one, next. 



HANNITY: And now at the center of the zero experience Hunter Biden scandal, and Biden, let’s see, foreign syndicate issue, well, it’s Hunter Biden’s laptop which reportedly contains, well, a lot of disturbing material. 

Now, computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, he turned the laptop over to the FBI in December 2019 after Hunter failed to retrieve it from his store 90 days later. 

And after facing endless slander and death threats, he even closed down his shop for a while and went out of town. He’s now come forward to tell his side of the story. 

John Paul joins us for an exclusive interview. 

John Paul, sir, thank you for being with us. 

ISAAC: Thank you. Good evening, Sean. 

HANNITY: Let’s get into the document side of it. So, there were — it would be a fair statement to say that what you saw concerned you that you desperately wanted to get this out of your shop as you said? 

ISAAC: Correct. 

HANNITY: So, on both fronts, sir. I just want to make other things (ph). 

Let me — let me go through the timeline with you if I may, because you handed this over to the FBI. They finally took possession of it December 9th, 2019. Tell us what happened. 

ISAAC: They came to the shop. Originally, they were planning to make a forensic copy of the drive. They couldn’t guarantee that they could take the equipment away from me. 

So, when they showed up and they handed me a subpoena and requesting the drive, the paperwork, and the laptop, I was overjoyed that they were going to basically meet my demands, if you will. I wanted it out of my shop, and I wanted some kind of paper trail, some level of protections from the FBI.

So, I was pretty happy that they took it. A couple things happened during that exchange. A couple things that were said that kind of, again, threw up some red flags with the FBI. Just how they wanted me to handle it if he should come looking for it, how to contact them, how to stall whoever is looking for it so they can make arrangements to have the equipment returned to me. It kind of — it — I was concerned. 

HANNITY: And so, December 19th, to remind everybody, because impeachment on the issue of Ukraine took place with President Trump in January of 2020. And I guess my question is, what you saw in terms of documents, did that seem relevant to you to the debate that was — 

ISAAC: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Explain. 

ISAAC: Well, I had seen what would have — again, I’m not an investigative journalist. That’s not my day job when I was fixing Macs. But I saw some pretty compelling documents that definitely showed a pay-for-play scheme going on between Hunter Biden and his, you know, his business dealings in the Ukraine. 

HANNITY: Joe Biden claimed that he didn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings. Will the documents that you saw contradict that? Incontrovertibly contradict that? 

ISAAC: Yeah, I think there was a lot of coordination. You know what, I saw a couple emails come directly out of the White House to members of Burisma staff that — you know, including the vice president’s schedule, any discussions that were going on about the Ukraine and policies with Ukraine were being sent directly to Vadym, who’s the number two at Burisma. 

HANNITY: Knowing what you know that was on it, knowing that you followed the proper chain of command, knowing that you were glad to finally get it out of your possession, but yet it was the smartest thing you ever did and handing it over for your own benefit and safety, and you wondered why was it not admitted as evidence at impeachment. 

Now, is the evidence that compelling that it was that relevant? I assume — my interpretation is that you saw a flagrant double standard existed. Am I right in my interpretation? 

ISAAC: Well, what I saw was, you know, two young men that were definitely capitalizing off of at least one of their father’s positions to drum up more value in their efforts to get more money. And it was — it was definitely a pay-for-play scheme that I — again, I got my law degree at rodeo clown school, so I’m not — Brian is better at the legal stuff. But the — it looked like this would be something that you would want to have a conversation with to another foreign leader about because this was a lot of money that was exchanging hands, like a lot of money.

HANNITY: Uh-huh.

And you, sir, you still have a copy of the hard drive. Is that correct? 

ISAAC: Correct. 

HANNITY: Would you be willing to share with me? I would love to make it public.

ISAAC: I’d have to talk to my attorney about that. 

HANNITY: You’ll consider — you will take it under consideration? 

ISAAC: Yeah, I have a very good attorney and he’s going to protect from myself.

HANNITY: Listen, sir, I — all I’ve read about you and all I’ve heard that you’ve said, you’ve been put in a horrible position, I argue unfairly so. And, you know, you just saw something. You said something. 

We ask people all the time, see something, say something, and you did. And it’s — it should not have happened to you this way. 

Is your business doing better now? Are you getting harassed less? Are you able to keep the doors open?

ISAAC: Well, I’m getting harassed a lot less since I had to disconnect the phone and the email server. The business has been closed since November 2nd. For my safety, I had to get out of town about that time. 

I just didn’t know — the hostility in my area was getting to the point where I didn’t want to incite any anger. So, I thought it was best that I just close the business and get out of town. 

HANNITY: Thank you for sharing, sir. That’s an important story. You did do the right thing. 

Your — I think based on everything you’ve said to me and what people have told me they believe is on it, that what you did is important, honorable and I hope all the harassment of you stops and you continue, you know, your life hopefully in anonymity and peace. Thank you, sir. 

ISAAC: Well, thank you, sir. Thanks for your time and letting me tell my story. 


HANNITY: We taped this just before the show. Tomorrow, part two, the majority of the interview talks about video content. It’s shocking. 

Here’s a preview. 


ISAAC: I saw material of a very personal nature. I don’t want to obviously go into it. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the personal stuff. 


HANNITY: A bigger part of that interview, part two tomorrow. News — it hasn’t broken before. 

More “Hannity” after this. 


HANNITY: All right, unfortunately that’s all the time we have left this evening. We hope you’ll set your DVR. We invite you to join us, never miss an episode of “Hannity”. We’ll always be independent. We’re not the media mob, and guess what, we tell the truth as we see it. 

Now, tomorrow night, part two of our interview. Now, a lot of things that I had not read or heard before about videos on Hunter Biden’s laptop from somebody who says he saw them and still has a copy of the hard drive. 

And, by the way, handed it over in the right way to the FBI. We do that tomorrow night. 

But in the meantime, let not your heart not be troubled — Laura Ingraham, hello!

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