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I can’t assist but chortle at the irony emerging from this GameStop (GME) mania. When a person hedge fund went under, many other folks scored gains of 9 and 10 figures. The first analyst, who did a terrific career I really should include in establishing his basic thesis, is an industry veteran with a relatively powerful financial track record. Robinhood, the self-anointed chief of the small dude, is remaining blamed for ruining the small guy.

And then the granddaddy of them all: the suits.

I’m not absolutely sure what defines “satisfies” as it appears to be to be very subjective, but I think we are conversing about one particular-percenters, hedge fund supervisors, and some folks we see on CNBC. But none of the GameStop bulls gave it a second imagined when Mark Cuban, Jordan Belfort, Chamath Palihapitiya, or Elon Musk jumped on the side of obtaining. Dave Portnoy joined as nicely but I will not consider any one would label him a suit.

While those folks had been vocal in their “aid”, it is really simple to conclude they weren’t alone. There have been plenty of suits and one particular-percenters that profited on the move higher. And the types that were being vocal have been executing so to elevate their social position among the the “minimal guy”.

And now we have Elon Musk tweeting out about Dogecoin a next time. Why? If he’s the genius absolutely everyone claims him to be why would he tweet about a cryptocurrency that was produced as a joke and has unrestricted provide? There are only two motives: He needs to be part of the “cool” group, and he enjoys viewing folks react to his tweets, not caring if they get economically hurt or not.

We criticize and want to crucify people with electrical power generating the match unfair, and we do so in a way that passes electrical power to a further team of one-percenters that are working with the newfound help and electricity for egocentric signifies.

What this means for traders is you want to be mindful right before blindly subsequent even “smart” folks into any thought. Figure out what they’re selling, considering the fact that we’re all advertising some thing. Like why was Chamath shopping for GME calls and submitting on Twitter or why was Mark Cuban heading back and forth with Kenny Polcari yesterday with Cuban effectively defending GameStop? Why is Elon Musk tweeting about Dogecoin?

And if you can not figure out what they’re advertising, then it is in all probability best to disregard it.

This mania will not likely die with a whimper like we’ve found around the past several times, but now you have some working experience what it seems to be like and how people act, even the “satisfies,” so you can be ready upcoming time.

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