Back to the future - Vox

Back to the future – Vox

This edition of The Emphasize is a thought experiment: What if some of the options to our most urgent troubles, from local weather alter to public well being crises, could be discovered by reimagining outdated ideas and outmoded technological innovation? The potential is nearer than we consider — we just want to rethink what we now know, regardless of whether that is the meat we take in, the place of work areas we haven’t returned to, or the batteries powering the electric powered car or truck revolution.

Ben Denzer for Vox

Our properties are creating us ill

Here’s how to fix them — and what is finding in the way.

By Keren Landman

Phil Robibero for Vox

Inside of the fantastical, pragmatic quest to make “hybrid” meat

Hybrid cars and trucks gave way to electric powered vehicles. Could “hybrid meat” do the similar for beef and pork?

By Kenny Torrella

Ben Denzer for Vox

Underneath the hood of the electric auto revolution

In the EV era, previous automakers are studying new methods.

By Rebecca Heilweil

Nick Small for Vox

The conclusion of a battery’s lifestyle matters as significantly as its starting

Individuals are horrible at recycling. Electric powered cars and trucks are a prospect to transform that.

By Rebecca Leber

Phil Robibero for Vox

The squandered probable of garbage dumps

Harmful landfills are emblems of environmental injustice across the US. Clean up energy can remake them.

By Neel Dhanesha

Ben Denzer for Vox

The potential of the office environment is a lab

What’s going to transpire to the workplace place we no more time need?

By Rani Molla

Editors: Samantha Oltman, Adam Clark Estes, Libby Nelson, Izzie Ramirez, Brian Resnick, Bryan Walsh
Duplicate editors: Kim Eggleston, Elizabeth Crane, Caitlin PenzeyMoog, Tanya Pai
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